101 Things to do At Home

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101 things to do at home

Increased travel restrictions, social gatherings, and changes to our daily routines can be stressful, but also present us with new opportunities.

Per MCASO 6220.1B, restrictions are beginning to loosen on the installation and in the surrounding area. Check out these ideas to make the most of your time at home and renewed freedoms.

Make Iwakuni feel like home. Whether your interests are in learning and understanding the local culture, food and entertainment, or advancing your education or fitness and health — MCCS is here for you.

in the barracks

 Reorganize your room. Try moving your furniture around to give your room a new and refreshing facelift. Decorate and make this place feel like home. Hang up some family photos and artwork.

 Clear the clutter. Sort through one section of your living quarters at a time. Ask yourself:

   • Does this add value to my life?

   • Have I used this in the past year?

   • Do I truly need this? Research methods to creatively keep things tidy.

 Make a vision board. Decide on what kind of person you want to be. Put it on paper, then make it real.

 Get your uniform ready. Press your shirt and build your rack. When everyone else is rushing, you will be ready for the next formal event.

 Start a YouTube channel. Share your ideas with the community and stay busy.

 Send handwritten letters to friends and family.

 Short on cooking appliances? Try your hand at a few microwave-friendly recipes.

 Make a custom photo book. A variety of online stores can help you compile your memories of your time overseas into a creative keepsake.

 Express yourself with art supplies or a coloring app. Coloring is a great way to unleash your creative side.

 Reach out to your family and get the recipe for your favorite home-cooked meal. Then try to perfect it.

 Create an epic bucket list. Sit down and list all the places you want to go and things you want to do once things return to normal.

 Embrace your inner child. Build a blanket fort and rewatch your favorite movies from childhood.

 Start a journal. Write down important things that are happening in your life and how it makes you feel. A few years later, read your journal and reflect on how far you’ve come.

 FaceTime a buddy back home.

 Send a care package to your family! The MCX has a selection of Japanese snacks and souvenirs that your friends and family back home will enjoy trying.

 Make a weekly and monthly self-care schedule.

 Check the status of your car (oil level, transmission & wiper fluid levels, and tire pressure). If you don’t know how, this is a great time to learn.

 Look for ways to invest your COLA at investor.gov.

 Meet your neighbors. You may be surprised to find new friends in the barracks with similar interests. Sign up for an event together or spend time at the Hornet’s Nest and Marine Lounge.

 Upgrade your style. Go through your wardrobe and do an honest assessment. Do all of your clothes look the same? Browse through magazines for inspiration and update your look.

with the family

 Make a thank you list. Identify all of the people and things you are thankful for. Be sure to let them know in the future.

 Plan your next family vacation. What are some things you’d love to do while you’re living abroad?

 Become the next master chef. Try out some new recipes and experiment with unfamiliar cooking techniques. Then master the art of meal prepping for an entire week.

 Make a summer binge-watching list.

 Challenge your friends and see who can create the perfect trick shot! Record it and share it online to show off your skills.

 Start gardening. You don’t even need a garden to get started; even the smallest of balconies or terraces can be used for a herb garden.

 Make homemade playdough. Save money and involve the kids in this thrifty kitchen craft activity.

 Perfect your floral arrangements.

 Plan a family game night! Knock the dust off of those board games, clear the table, and game out family style.

 Write and direct your own family movie.

 Play “Lasers around the house.” Set up colored string pulled tightly across your kids rooms or in certain hallways, and you have to go over and under the lasers while moving around in the house.

 The floor is lava. This is not only great fun for the kids, but can be great exercise for parents too.

 Have a picnic. Picnics can be anywhere. Grab a blanket and lay it out with some sandwiches on the living room floor or the backyard.

 Try your hand at art. Change how you see everything around you by trying to draw or paint it. Now that old shoe sitting in the corner of the room has a chance to be the next great still life portrait.

 Start a music band or just do a Stomp session with pots, pans, and spoons. Your neighbors will love you.

 Cleaning party. Have a cleaning competition with rewards.

 Organized roughhousing. It’s good exercise and a good way to introduce your kids to a Martial Art.

 Unleash your inner inventor and try to build a Rube Goldberg machine out of household items. Your task: create a machine that drops a bar of soap into somebody’s hands.

 Have a summer holiday party!

 Plan an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt.

 Have a karaoke night.

 Learn how to do calligraphy.

 Do some backyard stargazing! On a clear night, grab some blankets and lay down and watch the stars. See if you can find any constellations!

 Have a family spa day. Bust out the face masks and cucumber slices and relax together!

 Make an indoor/outdoor obstacle course. (Be sure to have a camera ready to post all the bloopers on Facebook later.)

 Grab your kids, flashlights, some chairs & pillows, and build an old school fort for some indoor camping fun.

 Make a time capsule and bury it in the back of a closet. When you’re packing up for your next move, it’ll bring back some fun memories!

 Make bug out bags. You can never be too prepared.

 Start an Instagram for your pets.

 Scan and digitize all of your papers and documents.

 Learn how to press flowers in a book.

 Learn to tie-dye!

 Learn how to bookbind and make your own paper at home. Homemade journals can make great gifts.

 Have fun sunbathing in your backyard! Sunlight helps to regulate melatonin production in the body, which is necessary to maintain the circadian rhythm.

 Start a family book club. Every week, vote on the book everyone will read and at the end of the week, discuss. What was your favorite part? Who was your favorite character?

 Check to make sure your first aid kit is serviceable. Don’t have one? Try making one.

 Make a binder full of your family’s favorite recipes. Have some fun with this and let your kids help. You can find loads of printable recipe cards online.

 Find things around the house to upcycle. Have some tin cans you keep forgetting to put in the recycling? Turn them into planters for a small garden!

 Take some family photos. Use your camera to take some candid or posed pictures that can be precious memories in the future.

 Explore the great outdoors with some rental gear from Outdoor Recreation. Subsidized by the Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) many items are free or low in cost. Rent a grill for some summer fun.

 Eat at your favorite local restaurant. Newcomers are encouraged to try Japanese curry.

 Have dinner with pirates at Irori Sanzoku (Chicken Shack). Make a reservation and enjoy grilled chicken and Sanzoku musubi beside a waterfall with your family.

 Have a movie marathon. Introduce the next generation to cult classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Matrix, and Back to the Future. Remember, you can rent movies from the Library!

to stay sharp

 Sign up for an online class. This is a great time to work on your college degree or complete some professional training to advance in your career.

 Learn a foreign language. The Library can help you get free access to Mango Languages and begin learning from your choice of over 70 languages.

 Make a summer reading list. Bonus if you can finally start on the pile of new and unread books you’ve been hoarding.

 As good as reading a book is, talking about the books you have read is even better: try joining an online book club. If none of them cover the books or genres you like, start your own!

 Start writing. Do you haiku? How about poetry? Maybe sit down and try to write a full story. Regardless of what it is, break out that ol’ pen and paper and get those creative ideas going.

 Learn a musical instrument.

 Check out a few TED-Ed videos! Their videos cover a variety of topics including science, history, and humanities!

 Watch a documentary.

 Listen to a podcast or audiobook on a topic that you’re interested in. Check out the Library for their online resources!

 Who inspires you? Find a biography about them and give it a read.

 Update (or create) your resume and portfolio.

 Write a research essay on a topic you love. The library has online resources to help!

 Learn to code. Code Academy offers free classes.

 Learn how to solve a Rubix cube.

 Learn about local birds and try bird watching. Keep a journal to log the species you’ve seen.

 Enter an essay contest online.

to stay fit

 Join an online fitness group and track your progress. Other members can give you new workout ideas and help you stay motivated.

 Get in shape for the next 5k.

 Make your own mini-golf course.

 Watch a fitness video on YouTube. Try yoga or pilates! 

 Get an indoor pull up bar.

 Playground Parkour. Swing across the monkey bars, climb the rope wall, and balance on the balance beam. Create an obstacle course for yourself and see how quickly you can get through it.

 Active Video Games. Rather than being a couch potato, play video games that get your body moving.

 Learn how to do a handstand.

 Dance. Zumba is a good way to stay fit, but really any dance can be done - Tango, Hip Hop, or Breakdancing are great for exercise at home.

 Get swole at home! Use your couch to do tricep dips, or try squatting with a desk chair. Be creative with your lifts!  

 Complete a workout challenge. 

 Go through your pantry and review your dietary choices. Start eating healthier to maximize your fitness results.

 Take a moment to relax and reset. Managing stress levels is essential to your mental and physical well being. 

 Follow the MCCS Iwakuni – Recreation & Leisure Facebook page to receive healthy tips and curated virtual workout sessions by fitness instructors.

 Assess your physical fitness. Sign up for a MicroFit assessment at IronWorks or test yourself to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

 Grab your ruck and do some hiking. Day trips to Mt. Misen and Three Falls provide a moderate challenge and let you experience the beauty of nature.

 Catch the ferry to Miyajima Island and pet some deer. Get your steps in as you explore the island and see all this popular destination has to offer.

 Try a new fitness routine. If you love running, try lifting weights. If you always go to the gym, do an outdoor workout. Variety is a great way to revitalize your workouts and break through plateaus.