33rd MCAS Iwakuni Triathlon: Results

RESULTS: MEN All Category No Name FinishTime Rank SwimTime Rank BikeTime Rank RunTime 1 Men 30-39 31 Daisuke Muranaka 1:17:27 2 0:16:34 2 0:41:04 1 0:19:48 2 Men 20-29 23 Yuuta Kikuchi 1:23:27 13 0:19:57 3 0:42:00 2 0:21:29 3 Men 20-29 16 Andrew Mudge 1:24:33 22 0:20:53 1 0:39:59 8 0:23:40 4 Men 40-49 74 Syuuichi Koshi 1:24:33 11 … Read More

Summer Activities: Kids


Summer Activities: KidsEric Turner | Community Writer about It’s the summer, no more school for a few months, so what is there to do at MCAS Iwakuni? Well, there’s a lot to do, and here’s a few things to consider. Youth & Teen Programs The Youth & Teen Centers are a great place to chill out with your friends, watch … Read More


Concerning COVID, things are looking up! The amount of daily cases back home steadily goes down, the vaccination is reaching all over the world, and the weather is getting nicer! And with the weather getting nicer, and more events becoming available it’s time to think about getting ready for the summer months. Semper Fit has a lot to offer. With … Read More

Pets: Products & Services

Many of us have animals, and many people rotating to MCAS Iwakuni may want to know what kind of services and products are available for their pets when they arrive in Iwakuni. With restrictions to travel being lifted weekly, we have more of an opportunity to leave the base and enjoy some leisure time. But what about our pets? There … Read More

New Year, New Me Health & Fitness Challenge

Family Fun Activities at Home

For some people, staying home is easy. For others, it’s a nightmare. When the kids are bored and are begging to go outside, what can we do? Here are a few fun ideas to help keep busy and make staying at home fun. Host an International Dinner As a family, have a discussion and pick a country everyone has an … Read More

How to Make Your Own Compost

In these uncertain times you may find yourself spending more time at home instead of traveling and eating out at your favorite restaurants. A great way to use leftover food waste from the kitchen is to make your own compost. Making your own compost is a great way to enrich your soil and put fresh vegetables on your table this … Read More