Bueno Burrito

Bueno Burrito

Bueno Burrito

Meet the Burreeple of MCAS Iwakuni's
newest restaurant

Aaron Pylinski | Community Writer
Have you ever found yourself in line at the Crossroads Food Court and ask yourself: “Man, I wish I could find a delicious boutique burrito at an affordable price in Iwakuni, Japan.”?

At last, the long-awaited opening of a Tex Mex food concept on station is upon us! Another chapter is beginning in the continually growing saga of MCAS Iwakuni, and its name is Bueno Burrito. The idea is straightforward, and the facility has a simple layout with standing room and limited seating.

The restaurant is opening July 18 and has a simple menu set up similarly to Chipotle or Qdoba. For those in the community who are new to the station arriving from Atsugi, this concept is a close relative to Bombers Fresh Mex. After a tortilla is steamed on a press, the customer selects one of three meat selections and all the fixins. They move down the line, grab a drink and sides, pay, and head out with tasty vittles in-hand.

Just think, another couple years, and you’ll be standing in line at Bueno Burrito asking yourself: “Man, I wish these guys had a food truck.”

Bueno Burrito is located at Club Iwakuni. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 11 AM - 2 PM.

Meet the Burreeple


Mayorrito Burrito was born in Little Village, Chicago and began his socially charged food service work at local taquerias all over the city. He’s been a champion throughout his career for burrito rights. Whether you like carne asada, pollo, or carnitas, Mayorrito is the progressive standard bearer for all things burrito. He’s excited to assume his position as Mayorrito of Bueno Burrito at MCAS Iwakuni.


A California dreamer, Brorrito is west coast through and through. After spending the better part of his childhood surfing the California coast, he graduated high school and made his way to Japan to pursue his dream of hanging ten on a tsunami.


Rita is a budding and classically trained dancer and actor from The Juilliard School in New York City. Currently working on her Master thesis for choreography, Rita moved to Japan to immerse herself in Japanese culture and blend eastern and western styles of dance.

El Lunchador

El Lunchador, or “The Lunch” for short is neighborhood friends with Mayorrito from the good ‘ol days in Chicago. They both graduated from Our Lady of Tepeyac High School, but The Lunch favored the wrestling team more than the debate team. He followed his luchador dreams, idolizing Dos Caras and Mil Mascaras, and spent a majority of his life wrestling in the underground lucha libre circuit in La Isla de las Muñecas outside of Mexico City. Once Mayorrito announced his position as mayor of Bueno Burrito, The Lunch packed up and headed to Iwakuni as a member of his security team. I smell a cross-pollination of Luche/Sumo in the near future; just sayin.

Guac the dog

Guac is a rare breed of soft shell chihuahua and Mayorrito’s lifelong companion. Their friendship was solidified when Guac warned a sleeping Mayorrito that his house was on fire allowing him to escape safely. Since then, the two have been inseparable.