Patriot Abroad

Patriot Abroad

It’s hard to satiate the savage urges of Americans when it comes to celebrating our independence. Luckily, MCCS has you covered.

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Heading Full Boar Into 2019

The Chinese Zodiac tells us that 2019 is the Year of the Pig. Some say swine represent filth and greed, but Chinese astrologers are calling 2019 a great year for investment, joy, and friendship. Even though MCCS is starting the year behind the financial 8-ball, we’re going in “full boar” to provide some exciting events to the community. “I’m really … Read More

Sumo, Wrestling with the Divine

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Japan’s heaviest hitters are its Rikishi, or its Sumo wrestlers. Like most traditions in this country, Sumo is connected to religious rituals and originally was a prayer for bountiful rice harvest.