Spotlight: David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

David is a member of the MCCS family and he’s creating cohesiveness within the Retail & Services staff as well as with other activities across our organization.

Bueno Burrito

Bueno Burrito

Meet the Burreeple of MCAS Iwakuni’s newest restaurant.

Gettin’ the Goods

Getting Goods

Getting goods to the air station is no easy task and the MCCS team is committed to getting the community what it needs when it needs it.

Spotlight: Oana Ivanoff

ES Oana

Keeping our fighting men and women ready for the task of defending our democracy is no easy feat. Keeping them active and engaged during their off time is yet another story.

Facebook Migration

FB Migration

Using Facebook is an integral part of community relations and gives everyone on the air station an outlet for connection.

Summer Breeze

Summer is just around the corner and MCCS is ramping up the season with a load of Outdoor Recreation activities, summer hires & excursions.

Spotlight: Noriyuki Sato

Spotlight: Noriyuki

Nori has been a mainstay at the Eagle’s Nest for about as long as some of our young Servicemembers have been on this planet.

Friendship Day 2018 Hours of Operation

Friendship Day 2018 Hours of Operation

Those involved with the military know the importance of teamwork and in that vein is the family team. The backbone of the military is the non-commissioned officer, the backbone of the military family is the spouse. When the servicemember is on duty or deployed, the spouse shoulders the family tasks and keeps the home fire burning. One such spouse aboard … Read More

MCCS In Depth

MCCS in depth

We’ve gathered some common MCCS questions from Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) comments and MCAS Iwakuni community members.