Inclement Weather Hours of Operation

Temp Hours – Weather

Alternative Weather Schedule: Northside Marine Mart: 8 AM Hornet’s Nest: 8 AM Atago Cultural Center: 9 AM IronWorks Atago: 10 AM Burger King: 8 AM Subway: 9 AM Taco Bell: 9 AM Normal Hours For: MCX Crossroads Cafe MCXtreme Bike Shop IronWorks Main IronWorks North Marine Lounge Club Iwakuni Soba Express Pizza Hut MCCS services not specifically mentioned will have … Read More

Price & Hour Changes

Recently, MCCS Iwakuni was notified of reduction in appropriated funding support. Because of this reduction, decisions were made to make select changes to hours of operation and pricing at several locations.  All changes were assessed with the intent of minimizing impact to the community. As an organization, we are constantly looking for ways that we can better serve you with … Read More

MCCS HR Classes Open to the Community

Employee Developement

While MCCS employees have had the opportunity to participate in Employee Development classes, we are excited to extend our class offerings to the MCAS Iwakuni community.