Suicide Prevention: Stomping the Stigma

Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is not just for mental health professionals. It’s not just for commands. This is everybody’s responsibility as a society, as a whole.

CDC Mission: Unstoppable

A happy household revolves around the safety and quality of life of the children. When servicemembers and their spouses both work, there’s a pertinent need for superior childcare. We’re a tight-knit community here on the air station and we all know that as important as our military mission is, our servicemembers and their family is the top priority. The mission … Read More

Adventures in Solo Parenting

Deployment time can be trying. Double that with the added stress of keeping the youngsters entertained while they’re out of school and things can get crazier even yet. I can remember growing up with my two brothers and my mom having her hands full when my dad was on deployment. The best thing we did while dad was gone was … Read More

SMP Volunteer Opportunities

SMP Volunteering

Summer volunteer opportunities offer our young servicemembers a chance to venture outside the gates and put a face to their stewardship here in Japan.

Military Saves Week 2018

Military saves Week

To assist in mitigating financial stresses, Personal & Professional Development in a joint effort with the DoD Military Saves Campaign put together Military Saves Week.