CDC Mission: Unstoppable

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mission: unstoppable

Aaron Pylinski | Community Writer

A happy household revolves around the safety and quality of life of the children. When servicemembers and their spouses both work, there’s a pertinent need for superior childcare. We’re a tight-knit community here on the air station and we all know that as important as our military mission is, our servicemembers and their family is the top priority.

The mission of the Child Development Center (CDC) is to provide full-time childcare services to servicemembers and civilians working in support of the mission readiness of MCAS Iwakuni. Entry into the CDC begins with creating an account at and submitting a request for care on the station. Once completed our Resource & Referral Specialist will contact you, discuss your childcare options, and provide the registration paperwork.

“The CDC supports the community by providing quality full-time child care at an affordable price to everyone. We also offer Parents’ Night Out events with extended Friday or Saturday hours to support families at least once a quarter.”
Andrea Post, Director, Child Development Center

Child & Youth Programs are required to follow a priority placement system. Active-duty servicemembers have the highest priority to support mission readiness. Direct Care employees of Child & Youth Programs also have a high placement priority to ensure proper staffing of the facility, followed by single and dual working Department of Defense civilians.

Hourly care is offered to fill the rooms to capacity. Therefore, the only spaces available for hourly care are those that have not yet been filled or when a family is on leave. Reservations can be made, on a space-available basis, up to two weeks in advance.

Another childcare option coming soon is Family Childcare Homes (FCC). Though there are no current FCC homes operating now, we have several individuals seeking to open childcare homes in the future. These individuals undergo a vigorous background check process and receive the same training as CDC staff. These homes are regularly inspected by the same agencies as the CDC. They provide a smaller child to caregiver ratio in a comfortable, homelike setting.

For children with special needs, the CDC has an Inclusion Action Team that provides recommendations based guidance from medical professionals (Educational & Developmental Intervention Services ‘EDIS’, Branch Health, and Behavioral Health) on how to accommodate specific needs. Our Behavioral Specialist guide the staff members on how to implement these recommendations in the classrooms.

The CDC’s current operational capacity is 149, however, the building capacity is 213 once fully operational. Anyone interested in the Child Development Center is welcome to stop by building 637 for a tour of the facilities.