Lisa Isaacson and Angela Hamill

Child Development Center

Community Writer

Being a military child means many things. It means having fun, traveling the world, making new friends, and living in unique and exciting faraway places. Military children can contribute to classroom discussions about their own personal experiences of having visited a castle when they lived in Germany or that time they climbed Mount Fuji while residing in Japan. Being a military child also means sacrifice with frequent moves, some which include long plane rides overseas. They are all too familiar with leaving much-loved friends and family behind and experience long separations from active duty parents who deploy.

This month marks the thirty-first year since the establishment of the Month of the Military Child in April by then-Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. He felt that these amazing young people, ranging in age from birth to 18, deserved to have their very own month to be celebrated. Every April, we celebrate our military children!

Military children are strong and resilient. They proudly stand behind and support their families during the toughest of times. They carry on and persevere throughout the duration that a loved one isn’t present. These children learn how to adapt and to thrive in unfamiliar and uncertain situations.

There are approximately 1.9 million military children around the world. This unique population of our nation’s children should be recognized and appreciated for all of the changes and challenges they face. Military children have frequent moves, transitions, and changes of schools. It means leaving close friends behind and starting over in a new place with a new house, school, teachers, and friends.

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni will celebrate the Month of the Military Child on Saturday, April 1, 1–4 PM at the Crossroads Amphitheater. This activity boasts strong community support from the Air Station and from local Japanese establishments and entertainers.

The entertainment includes but is not limited to a balloon artist, face painting, dancers, musicians, bouncy houses, games, crafts, food, and lots of fun! All food and activities are FREE of charge. There will also be door prizes to include the grand prizes of two bicycles with helmets. All authorized personnel, guests, and Japanese guests are welcome.

Please join us in celebrating our military children. We will look forward to seeing you there!