sakura theater

Upcoming Movies

2018 March


For the ultimate party, have a private movie screening! Reservation includes any movie of your choice from our Naval Motion Picture Library and the concession stand will be opened for you and your guests.

reservations available

9 AM – 4:30 PM
Sat & Sun
9 AM – 12:30 PM
Federal Holidays

Advance Ticket & Food Sales

Available up to two weeks in advance.
Mon, Thu, & Fri
2–7:30 PM
1–9 PM
1-6 PM
Based on first come, first serve.

theater code of conduct

Inside the auditorium, please do not:
  • talk or communicate in any manner that disturbs other guests
  • use a cell phone or any other electronic device during the movie
  • engage in text messaging during the movie
  • place feet or shoes on any portion of a seat
  • kick or push another guest’s seat
  • run in any area of the building
  • allow small children to cause any form of disturbance
  • bring in outside food or beverages
  • dispose of chewing gum anywhere other than a waste receptacle
  • record the presentation on the screen, via any means