EFMP Open House

EFMP Open House

Alberto Pandya | Community Writer

Iwakuni is an extraordinary community populated by talented and compassionate individuals who aim to help one another. These traits can be seen not only interpersonally, but through the various groups available on base as well, and the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a prime example.

The EFMP is for service members who have a family member identified as having qualifying medical or educational conditions.

The benefits families who enroll for this service can expect include educational workshops, up to 20 hours of reimbursed care per month for qualified families, access to the EFMP lending library, inclusive family activities, and case management services.

Until recently, the focus of EFMP has been to serve the families of the Marine Corps. With feedback from the community and requests for services from civilian families, the EFMP initiated transparent communication at various levels, the results of which can be seen in EFMP today.

Navy families will still be assigned to a Navy Case Liaison in Yokosuka, but can choose to receive case management and supportive services with the local EFMP office.

EFMP offers a variety of events for base personnel, all free of charge, including family support groups and classes, as well as leisurely activities such as the Community Crafting Group, Tie Dye Tuesday, Come Grow With Us, and Popcorn & Paint. Families are encouraged to participate to further connect with others.

The main goal of the EFMP is not only to enhance the quality of life for families on base, but to teach families how to advocate for their exceptional family members. Learning, experiential challenges, and advocacy don’t always stop when families leave Iwakuni; it requires lifelong advocacy on behalf of their exceptional family member, and EFMP is here to help make the process easier.