Feb 07 2022


5:30 PM - 6:30 PM


All Base Personnel


Judo classes are available for inoculated patrons ages 12 and older, from February 7 – March 7. Classes are on Mondays* and Wednesdays from 5:30–6:30 PM.

Judo helps individuals grow in wonderful ways. As we jump, run, and roll, we develop balance, coordination, and confidence. This class will develop a strong base of judo technique, culture, and character. Fun tumbling, jumping, and running activities warm us up before we practice our judo techniques. All of our students learn to fall safely, effortlessly, and without discomfort. This class allows students to not only learn but to actually use their judo skills. Our instructor is always careful to supervise the students to assure that the techniques are used both effectively and safely. This environment is a great balance of competition and friendship.

    Additional Information:
  • Attire: Judo gi or long athletic pants and a long-sleeve shirt.
  • Registration is $45 per spot.
  • Limit to 15 participants.
  • Drop-in rate is available to any remaining spots at $8/participant/class at the IronWorks North front desk.
  • *There will be no class on February 21 due to the federal holiday.

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