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Bldg. 446

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Apr 19 2019


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Yen only (exact amount preferred), $5 service fee


All Base Personnel

Road Tax Payable at the MCX

Road Tax payments are in Yen only (exact amount preferred)
$5 service fee
No checks, Credit or Debit Cards
Bring your Vehicle Title & 2018 Road Tax receipt

The road tax process:
Step 1: The MCX Cash Cage will make a copy of your title and 2018 Road Tax Payment.

Step 2: The MCX Cash Cage will inform you of the date to pick up your 2019 Road Tax documents.

Step 3: Pick up your documents from the MCX Cash Cage on the date provided.

Step 4: Take all vehicle documents to PMO to be issued a new base sticker.

Moped: ¥500
Motorcycle: ¥1,000
A Plate: ¥3,000
Y Plate 300 Series (over 4,500cc): ¥22,000
Y Plate 300 Series (under 4,500cc): ¥19,000
Y Plate 400 series & 500 Series: ¥7,500

The event is finished.