Mar 16 2022




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Spring Dance Class

Spring Dance Classes are here!  Register now for your favorite dance style, or try something new.

The total fee is $160, with $80 due at registration, and the remaining $80 is due by April 4 at the IronWorks North front desk. Pre Dance is a one-time fee of $120. Creative Dance starting MAR 16 is a one-time fee of $100.

The Spring Dance Recital will be held on May 25. The rehearsal will be held on May 18 and 25. Regular classes will not be held during those weeks.

No classes will be held the week of March 28, 2022.

Pre Dance (ages 3-5) runs from March 1 - May 25

Creative Dance (ages 4-5) runs from March 16 - May 25 at IronWorks Aerobics Room

IronWorks North

Class Time:

  • Jazz: ages 6-8, Tuesdays 4-4:55 PM
  • Jazz: ages 9-16, Tuesdays 5-5:55 PM
  • Creative Dance: ages 4-5, Wednesdays 4-4:45 PM
  • Creative Dance: ages 4-5, Wednesdays 5-5:45 PM (*IronWorks)
  • Ballet: ages 6-9, Thursday 3-3:45 PM
  • Hip-Hop: ages 6-9, Tuesdays 3-3:45 PM
  • Hip-Hop: ages 9-16, Thursdays 4-4:55 PM
  • Musical Theater: ages 8-12, Thursdays 5-5:55 PM
  • Musical Theater: ages 13-17, Thursdays 6-6:55 PM
  • Pre Dance: ages 3-5, Tuesdays 9:30-10:15 AM (IronWorks Atago)
  • Pre Dance: ages 3-5, Thursdays 9:30-10:15 AM (IronWorks)

Jazz: In Jazz, we will focus on building our technique through strength, flexibility, and choreography training. Each class will have a warm-up, technique drills across the floor, and finish with a routine. Each exercise will have varied options to cater to your skillset. Not only will we grow as dancers but we will have a blast doing it! So whether or not you are here because dance is your passion and you want to make it your career or you just want to have fun, this class is for you!

Creative Dance: In Creative Dance, we will combine movement and artistic expression. This class focuses on building the fundamentals of dance movements using ballet techniques in a fun atmosphere.

Musical Theater: In Musical Theatre we will build our triple threat skills; singing, acting, and an emphasis on Broadway dance! In each class, we will have a physical warm-up, vocal work, and a chance to learn original choreography from your favorite Broadway shows. Through strengthening our voices, monologues, and learning dance routines you will be ready for the stage in no time! This class is for our Broadway lovers who want to belt out like Hamilton and kick high like Maria from West Side story!

Hip-Hop: In Hip-Hop, we will focus mainly on choreography training, learning various styles of hip-hop dance through routines. Each class will have a warm-up, strength training, and a chance to learn a routine. We will also work on building our improv skills that are deeply rooted in hip-hop culture. We will learn styles like breakdancing, jazz-funk, stepping, and modern hip-hop that you would see on world tours today. This class is for anyone who loves hip-hop music, has high energy, and wants to have fun!

Ballet: In Ballet, we will learn the classic technique of this storytelling art form.

Pre Dance: In Pre Dance, students will have fun learning the basics of classical ballet and jazz. This class focuses on fostering a love of dance using ballet and jazz techniques while learning age-appropriate classroom etiquette.