May 31 2021


All Day

World No Tobacco Day

Join Semper Fit and the World Health Organization by going tobacco-free for 24 hours to celebrate World No Tobacco Day.

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco causes 8 million deaths every year. When evidence was released this year that smokers were more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19 compared to non-smokers, it triggered millions of smokers to want to quit tobacco.


Try some of these quick tips to curb your cravings:

Delay: Delay as long as you can before giving in to your urge.

Deep breathing: Take 10 deep breaths to relax from within until the urge passes.

Drink water: Drinking water is a healthy alternative to sticking a cigarette in your mouth.

Distract yourself: Take a shower, read, go for a walk, or listen to music. Just do something that takes your mind off the urge.

Contact Semper Fit at 253-3696 for more information about Tobacco Cessation.