Facebook Migration

FB Migration

facebook migration

Aaron Pylinski | Community Writer

Facebook is a multifaceted social media platform where people and businesses can send information, post advertising, and most of all tell stories. At MCCS Iwakuni, our biggest social media responses come from our community when they see photos taken from events held on the installation. We tell your story and help create a link between friends and families. Using Facebook in this way is an integral part of community relations and gives everyone on the air station an outlet for connection.


To enhance our community’s quality of life by providing exceptional programs, goods and services.


We will strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in everything we do.

Within the Marketing Branch at MCCS Iwakuni, we strive to support our community in the best ways possible. We use our numerous Facebook pages to create events, post information about upcoming activities, and share photos and videos of our community participating in everything from movie ticket giveaways to Easter egg hunts.

MCCS Iwakuni currently has 16 Facebook pages and each page serves a purpose to keep everyone connected in near-real time. Though each of these pages represents a singular part of our organization, the reach to our community sometimes lacks amplification. So we did a deep dive into the stats, only to find out that we’re missing the mark when it comes to connecting with you.

One way we measure success is through page engagements where our community connects with our posts through likes, comments, and shares. In a 30-day period, the MCCS Iwakuni Facebook page receives around 23k engagements.

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) page - an important part of our community - receives anywhere from two to five engagements in a 30-day period. EFMP has close to 140 followers, whereas a similar Marine & Family activity, Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) has close to 800 followers. These two areas combined have a potential to reach a greater number of people and allow our community the chance at more engagements.

In July, we’re looking to consolidate our Facebook pages. Our plan is to combine 16 Facebook pages into four comprehensive and engaging platforms that better serve the community and tell your story. These four Facebook pages mirror mccsiwakuni.com to create a streamlined experience for you.

Four New Facebook Pages:

We will consolidate our multiple Facebook pages into four comprehensive areas that will allow us to better serve our community.

Marine & Family

Facebook pages it combines: Single Marine Program (SMP), Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB), Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), Boys & Girls Club Iwakuni, HR, Personal & Professional Development (P&PD), and New Parent Support

Recreation & Leisure

Facebook pages it combines: Aquatics, Semper Fit, Youth Sports, Health Promotions, Information Tours & Travel (IT&T), and Intramural Sports

Shopping & Services

The MCX Facebook page will be redesigned as Shopping & Services and will also encompass Services+, MCXtreme Bikes & More, and other retail information.

Dining & Entertainment

This page will include information about Club Iwakuni, The Hangar, movie promotions, and special events.

These four pages will accompany your MCCS Iwakuni Facebook page and provide the community with an all-inclusive and thorough continuity of information.

This shift migrates advertising and information to the webpage and allows us to better connect with you through telling your story and generate a more robust digital presence. This gives the community an outlet for connection spanning the globe that keeps those loved ones stateside connected as well.

Some of your stories we’d like to better tell are activities like Military Spouse Appreciation Day or when our single and unaccompanied servicemembers volunteer with SMP out in the community; something that mom and dad would like to hang on their fridge, digitally speaking.

We’ll use Facebook to better engage with you and build upon our sense of community. This story-telling aspect of Facebook is a gateway to tap into the greatness of those we serve. Luckily this process will be seamless for the community. As the pages are consolidated, those who currently follow a specific page will move to the new page.

This means when the page consolidation is complete, there will be nothing you will have to do to stay informed. Though page names will change, the information that comes out on our new Facebook pages will still get to those who are already following.

There will always be growing pains when it comes to changing certain institutions within a community and an evolving social media domain is no different. As we grow together, we learn to share our stories for all to enjoy and at the end of the day that’s what this is all about: getting your story out there.