Get Out! 5 Places to Visit in Japan

Get Out

Get Out! 5 Places to Visit in Japan

Mitsuko Yoshimoto | Information & Referral Specialist
We want to encourage you to get out and explore Iwakuni! Here are some places nearby you may be interested in and resources to assist you on your adventures.
Kikko Park
The First Home of Ms. Chiyo Uno

6.5km 20 min. by car
Kikko Park used to be the site of the Kikkawa family compound. There are historical buildings, Shinto shrines, and small but interesting museums. Volunteer English guides are available by appointment. Tea ceremonies are offered every month in the Kikko Chashitsu (tea house). Please check the Information and Referral page (enter page number here) for the schedule.

Something else fun to experience near Kikko Park is Cormorant Fishing, which takes place from June through August. The cost is ¥2,000 per person for a two-hour boat ride. For an additional ¥200, you can bring your own food and drink on the boat. If you have a group of people, you can also reserve a boat. The boat leaves the river bank in front of the Iwakuni Kanko Hotel at 7 PM. Cormorant fishing starts at 8 PM. Call 0827-28-2877 in Japanese for reservation.

5.7km 13 min. by car
It takes 20 minutes from the Kintai Bridge on foot to reach this destination. Chiyo Uno (1897-1996) was an eminent female writer from Iwakuni. You can find her books translated into English in our station library. In 1974, she renovated the old deserted house she was born in. The house now has a beautiful little garden with maple trees and a stone Buddha’s head. Chiyo used to admire its noble beauty. Her house and garden are lovingly maintained by local volunteers and are open to the public 10 AM - 4 PM but closed on Tuesdays. Parking space is limited. Please park your car in the Kintai area and walk.
Yuu Beach

15.4km 30 min. by car

Take a train from Minami Iwakuni Station or take a bus from Kichi-Mae bus stop located on Route 188 on the main street leading out of the gate. It is a 13-minute walk from the JR Yuu station. Enjoy swimming and sunbathing during summer. Once the swimming season is over, you can also fish on the fishing jetty. A fishing license is not required when you fish in the sea. Check out fishing gear from Outdoor Rec. Please note that barbecuing, fire, and pets are not authorized on this beach. Diving from the north and south side are also prohibited. As always, do not drink and swim and do not leave trash!
Nishiki Town

43.8km 60 min. by car

A one-hour train ride from Iwakuni Train station will take you to Nishiki town which is located at the end of the Nishiki Pure Line (Nishikigawa Seiryu Line), Nishiki-cho station. The Nishiki Pure Line is a single line service, and the train is available only every one or two hours. You can experience river trekking, tree climbing, crafts, baking, and cooking Tofu or noodle making with the locals. A minimum of 5 people is required depending on the activities. Fluent English speaking staff is available to arrange your activities. For initial contact, please email: [email protected]
Fureai Park

20.7km 38 min. by car

Fureai Park is located on a mountain. It is a good place to visit with your friends or family to spend a day. You can make tea cups with an instructor, and you pay only for clay. There is a self-service restaurant there. Please contact Information & Referral to make reservations, which are required.