Hello Iwakuni! I’m Takeshi Tanuki


hello iwakuni! I'm takeshi tanuki

The life of a mascot teeters somewhere between excitement and insanity. Young kids go crazy over their favorite cartoon character personified and teens have no qualms harassing the mascot of their favorite pro ball team. For adults interested in sports, a team mascot is something of a sacred being, revered and protected, almost like a member of the family.

MCCS Iwakuni has a new face, our mascot Takeshi Tanuki. Takeshi is an Iwakuni native, much like his elusive Tanuki brethren. To add to the community’s quality of life, we’ve implemented this friendly face to assist in providing exceptional programs, goods, and services.

What sets us apart from most other MCCS entities within the Marine Corps is they don’t have this type of branding element, or face, to connect the MCCS brand with the community.

Takeshi also has a summer uniform, but he likes to wear different costumes for all kinds of events and holidays!

Where can you see Takeshi

Though we don’t yet have a dedicated person in a suit like Flex from Okinawa, Takeshi will be a prominent figure for MCCS Iwakuni.

Print Advertising: Look for Takeshi in window clings, flyers, posters, easel backs, MCX inserts, etc.

Digital Media: Our mischievous mascot can be found on our webpage along with our other digital advertising throughout our MCCS locations.

Social Media: Expect to see Takeshi Tanuki gracing our social media for various events, promotions, and giveaways.

AFN Radio: Being the outgoing type, Takeshi has agreed to assist with our advertising efforts on the airwaves with the help of AFN.

A bit about our mascot

Takeshi has a Bachelor of Science in Mascoting from the University of Hawaii and was the school’s mascot for it's intramural Ultimate Frisbee team. After his studies were complete, he came home to Iwakuni to take his rightful spot as the MCCS Iwakuni mascot.

When he’s not assisting with advertising and promotions, Takeshi spends his time at the IronWorks Gym running on the treadmill and hitting the weights. As you can tell by his round belly, though, there aren’t enough miles on the treadmill to keep his waistline trim. Takeshi is also an avid movie fan and has a budding rivalry with the Lunchadore at Bueno Burrito.

Takeshi is joining the ranks with the MCCS Okinawa mascot, Flex. Flex is modeled after traditional Ryukyuan lion-dogs, or Shisa, which form an integral part of Okinawan culture.

Let’s welcome our hometown favorite and be on the lookout for Takeshi as he starts his new career at MCCS Iwakuni.

Takeshi Tanuki & Yokai

Although Takeshi is more of the cute and cuddly type, he still yields some traits to the Yokai, a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons from Japanese folklore. Here are some characteristics our mascot may exhibit:

- Mischevious trickery           - Jovial dogoodedness           - Shapeshifting           - Nocturnal adventuring