Marine Corps Family Team Building


The Mission of Marine Corps Family Team Building is to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps and Navy families, which will enable them to understand and successfully meet the challenge of the military lifestyle. The intent is to build a strong bond between the service member, their family and the military.

At MCAS Iwakuni, we all have an affiliation with the Marine Corps in one way or another. It has been said that there are three types of “Family” in the Corps: those who are Born Into, Sworn Into, or Married Into. The Team Building office offers relevant and standardized training in support of Deployment Readiness Programs.

Our goal is to reinforce the pillars of Marine total fitness by sustaining a constant state of personal and family readiness for a lifetime. We make it fun, we make it interactive and we make you want to come back for more!

Volunteer Opportunities

MCFTB volunteers are needed in a wide range of programs and events throughout the year. Please donate your time and talents to the Family Readiness program by volunteering.


Deployment Readiness Coordinators (DRCs)

Deployment Readiness Coordinators provide direction and information to the Marines, Sailors and families.

What Part of the "Family" Are You?

Born Into

We all know how difficult military life can be for Marine Corps and Navy children. Luckily, L.I.N.K.S. 4 Kids offers a fun, game-filled opportunity where kids and teens can learn about the military life.

  • We cover topics such as military history, PCS’ing, tips to stay in touch with friends, internet safety, separation and deployment and the importance of managing money. This class can be even more beneficial if you have recently moved to Iwakuni, as it provides a great atmosphere for your child or teen to make new friends.
  • Kids go through a range of emotions during deployment, just as servicemembers and spouses do. The Readiness & Deployment Support Program has workshops that help children identify, learn and improve various means of communication. Kids will understand the role emotions play and how to respond to and express their range of emotions that relate to deployments.
  • The program will also help children understand the core components of positive character and when to ask for help.

Sworn Into

If you took an oath to “support and defend the constitution of the United States,” then MCFTB has programs and classes to help support you.

  • L.I.N.K.S. for Marines & Sailors is a course offered monthly for those who want to learn how to become rich, have a successful military career and ensure smooth sailing after retirement. We have heavy hitters such as the Personal Finance Manager, the VA Representative, the Education Office, the Career Planner and the Chaplain come in and share important and current information about their subjects.
  • We have several leadership-style trainings that can help you be better prepared on a personal level of readiness. Courses range from improving your communication skills to stress management. Please utilize the following links to view a full list of classes offered by MCFTB and to register for upcoming classes.
  • The Team Building office can also help you get involved in the community in several ways. The majority of our events are free. So, no matter what part of the military family you belong to, get involved and prepare yourself for a great future.

Married Into

The cornerstone program of MCFTB is L.I.N.K.S. Topics such as military pay, benefits, services, separation & deployment and PCS’ing are covered by spouses who have “been there”. Our L.I.N.K.S. class offers information specific to Iwakuni, so all spouses can learn something new. Have fun, network with other spouses and if you’re so inclined, how about becoming a L.I.N.K.S. mentor?

  • Our LifeSkills program is all about personal growth. Take some time to make sure you are taking care of yourself and your family.
  • Another fundamental building block of the program is relationship building. Building Lasting Relationships will help you understand the needs and expectations of your spouse to help increase the love and respect in your relationship.