Marine Corps Family Team Building


The Mission of Marine Corps Family Team Building is to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps and Navy families, which will enable them to understand and successfully meet the challenge of the Marine Corps lifestyle. The intent is to build a strong bond between the service member, their family and the Marine Corps.

At MCAS Iwakuni, we all have an affiliation with the Marine Corps in one way or another. It has been said that there are three types of “Family” in the Corps: those who are Born Into, Sworn Into, or Married Into. The Team Building office offers relevant and standardized training in support of Deployment Readiness Programs.

Our goal is to reinforce the pillars of Marine total fitness by sustaining a constant state of personal and family readiness for a lifetime. We make it fun, we make it interactive and we make you want to come back for more!

Volunteer Opportunities

MCFTB volunteers are needed in a wide range of programs and events throughout the year. Please donate your time and talents to the Family Readiness program by volunteering.


Deployment Readiness Coordinators (DRCs)

Deployment Readiness Coordinators provide direction and information to the Marines, Sailors and families.

Deployment Readiness Council

The Deployment Readiness Council is used as a forum for sharing ideas and a venue to disseminate deployment readiness related information.

What Part of the "Family" Are You?

Born Into

We all know how difficult military life can be for Marine Corps and Navy children. Luckily, L.I.N.K.S. 4 Kids offers a fun, game-filled opportunity where kids and teens can learn about the Marine Corps life.

  • We cover topics such as Marine Corps history, PCS’ing, tips to stay in touch with friends, internet safety, separation and deployment and the importance of managing money. This class can be even more beneficial if you have recently moved to Iwakuni, as it provides a great atmosphere for your child or teen to make new friends.
  • Kids go through a range of emotions during deployment, just as Marines and spouses do. The Readiness & Deployment Support Program has workshops offered monthly that help children identify, learn and improve various means of communication. Kids will understand the role emotions play and how to respond to and express their range of emotions that relate to deployments.
  • The program will also help children understand the core components of positive character and when to ask for help.

Sworn Into

If you took an oath to “support and defend the constitution of the United States,” then MCFTB has programs and classes to help support you.

  • L.I.N.K.S. for Marines is a course offered monthly for those who want to learn how to become rich, have a successful military career and ensure smooth sailing after retirement. We have heavy hitters such as the Personal Finance Manager, the VA Representative, the Education Office, the Career Planner and the Chaplain come in and share important and current information about their subjects.
  • We have several leadership-style trainings that can help you be better prepared on a personal level of readiness. Courses range from improving your communication skills to stress management. Please utilize the following links to view a full list of classes offered by MCFTB and to register for upcoming classes.
  • The Team Building office can also help you get involved in the community in several ways. The majority of our events are free. So, no matter what part of the Marine Corps family you belong to, get involved and prepare yourself for a great future.

Married Into

The cornerstone program of MCFTB is L.I.N.K.S. Topics such as military pay, benefits, services, separation & deployment and PCS’ing are covered by spouses who have “been there”. Our L.I.N.K.S. class offers information specific to Iwakuni, so all spouses can learn something new. Have fun, network with other spouses and if you’re so inclined, how about becoming a L.I.N.K.S. mentor?

  • Our LifeSkills program is all about personal growth. Take some time to make sure you are taking care of yourself and your family. Topics range from communication to health.
  • Another fundamental building block of the program is relationship building. Building Lasting Relationships will help you understand the needs and expectations of your spouse to help increase the love and respect in your relationship. Quarterly Date Nights are also offered to give you a fun evening with your spouse while we cover relationship topics such as 5 Love Languages, Conflict Management and Interpersonal Communication.

Emergency Preparedness

Participants will prepare themselves for some of the most common local emergencies, such as typhoons and earthquakes, to increase their personal sense of security and peace of mind.

Social Networking Safety

The popularity of social networking sites shows that it is not just a fad, but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. It is imperative that Marines, Sailors and their families stay alert to the dangers and risks involved in social networking.

NEO (Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation)

NEOs are the ordered or authorized departure of nonessential personnel from danger in an overseas country, to a safe haven. This session will help participants become more informed on the NEO process, and to plan and prepare for possible future NEOs.

Family Care Plan

A Family Care Plan is an essential part of military readiness, as it provides care for those who depend on their Marine. Having a Family Care Plan in place is mandatory and helps Marines focus on their job and mission during deployment, mobilization, training, or other times when duty calls.

Safe & Sound at Home

This training provides important safety precautions for military families, and instills participants with the ability and confidence to be responsible for their personal safety and the safety of their families in any location.

Exercise, Deployment Support

Developing good coping skills is essential. MCFTB will provide you with all the information you need to be deployment-ready and successfully thrive while your loved one is away.

We push for all active duty service members (both unaccompanied & accompanied) and spouses to take advantage of the pre, mid and post-deployment workshops, classes, and events.

Other focuses of Deployment Support include: Emergency Preparedness, Safe & Sound at Home, Family Care Plans and Powers of Attorney–a crucial document every spouse in Iwakuni should have.

Pre-Deployment Brief for Active Duty

This brief provides essential information that will help Marines and Sailors better prepare for a deployment or military extended exercise.

Pre-Deployment for Parents & Kids

The Parents and Child Pre-Deployment Workshop utilizes a guest speaker and age-appropriate activities for children age five and older to normalize an upcoming deployment. The adult component combines discussion and demonstrations to highlight ways parents can support their child(ren) during a deployment.

Mid-Deployment for Kids

This fun and informational workshop promotes deployment success for kids. The trainer and mentors will discuss reactions to deployment, ways to help, and sources of help. Children will learn about communication at an age-appropriate level, healthy living habits, what causes stress and how to deal with it, and the core components of positive character.

Mid-Deployement, Self-Care

This workshop is designed to promote deployment success through individual self-care for the spouse or significant other. It includes information about stress management, staying connected, dealing with emotional ups and downs, and the many resources available.

The main objective is to relax and encourage participants to take care of themselves and to stay connected with their deployed service members.

Mid-Deployment Success

Participants will learn about ways to promote deployment success through suggestions on fun things to do and the many resources available. This fun class helps each participant define his or her own way of measuring deployment success.

This is a great opportunity to assess progress so far, get new ideas for continued success, and also for participants to network with other Military spouses.

Return & Reunion for Kids

This program focuses on presenting serious issues in a fun way. Using a guest speaker and age-appropriate activities, children age five and older learn to prepare for the upcoming return, reunion, and reintegration with their military parent.

return & Reunion (Spouses & Significant Others)

Provides information on how to reintegrate with your Marine, what to expect on the “big day” when he/she returns, and helping you with changes that may have occurred.


L.I.N.K.S. for Spouses

A fun and interactive crash course in Marine Corps history, lifestyle, and culture. Learn about all of the benefits and services offered to military families, and meet other new and seasoned spouses stationed at MCAS Iwakuni.

L.I.N.K.S. Mentor Traning

Do you want to become a LINKS mentor? During this two-day workshop participants learn the tools needed to become a successful mentor.

L.I.N.K.S. for Marines

A great opportunity for Marines E5 and below to learn about their potential career paths, educational opportunities, finances, VA benefits and other services they can receive while aboard MCAS Iwakuni.

L.I.N.K.S. for Teens

In this session, teens will learn about the Marine Corps, MCAS Iwakuni services, saving money, PCS success, community involvement, volunteering, and much more.

L.I.N.K.S. for Kids

This session will help kids adapt to the Marine Corps lifestyle and become resilient, look forward to new beginnings, and embrace farewells. They’ll walk away not only with knowledge, but with new friends as well.

L.I.N.K.S. for Parents & Extended Family

This session of L.I.N.K.S. recognizes that parents and extended family play a major role in many Marines’ lives, providing both support and advice. L.I.N.K.S. for Parents and Extended Family Members participants gain a better understanding of the unique challenges military life often presents and the resources to help them meet those challenges.

Personal Development Workshops

Lifeskills for Marines

The goal of the program is to enhance a Marine’s total fitness by increasing their awareness and understanding of a variety of “life skills” to include Anger Management, Stress Management, Transition Awareness, Healthy Relationships, Substance Abuse, Goal Setting and the Pros & Cons of their individual personality.

Basic Anger Management

This workshop addresses the dynamics and personal warning signs of anger, learning ways to manage it productively, and various coping strategies that are helpful in handling anger, resulting in positive outcomes for one’s health and relationship.

Basic Stress Management

This workshop addresses how to minimize stress by providing participants with basic education on the concepts and management skills needed to successfully navigate both the everyday and extraordinary stress of a military lifestyle.

Conquering Stress with Strength

This practical application workshop will foster meaningful discussions among spouses using real-life scenarios to help families deal with difficult situations due to factors inside and outside of the military lifestyle. Participants will learn how to recognize and manage the effects of their personal stress responses, while taking appropriate action to solve problems in high stress situations.

Interpersonal Communication

This workshop is an educational experience to increase competence in using more effective communication skills and to promote healthy relationships. Its focus is preventative in nature, enabling Marines, Sailors and their families to function more effectively at home and at work, thereby, supporting personal self-sufficiency and operational readiness in the field.

Conflict Management

Research shows that unresolved conflict can lead to aggression. This workshop addresses interpersonal conflict and is designed to help Marines, Sailors and their families become more aware of conflict, provide tools for addressing and managing conflict, and empower them to make healthy choices in times of conflict.

Scared of "The Call?" – Wounded, Ill, & Injured Information

This workshop will help minimize stress and confusion by providing a brief overview on the casualty process and the role of the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO). It will also help participants understand the definition of a wounded, injured, or ill warrior and the benefits, support services, and organizations that can help.

Space-A Travel Brief

A representative from the Air Transportation Division delivers a presentation on how to travel from MCAS Iwakuni using Space Available flights. Following the presentation, there is ample time to receive answers to all Space A questions.

4 Lenses

Learn more about your own personality and how to interact with people who have personalities of a different color.

Character Counts

This program is designed for children of all ages to learn and apply the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. The curriculum can be tailored for specific age groups.

Aging Parents & Elderly Care

Families may find themselves faced with the responsibility of providing care for an aging parent or an elderly loved one. This workshop will assist Marines, Sailors and their families in dealing with the complexities of assisting an elderly loved one.

PREP Inc© Workshops

PREP Inc© for Couples

If you are married, engaged, seriously dating, and want romance and passion in your relationship, the PREP approach is for you! Learn to talk together as friends and shut out all of life’s busyness to just be together. If you are determined to knock down communication walls that creep up with time and stress, the PREP Inc© approach is for you!

Laugh and learn as we share the tremendous joy of connecting. Relationships are an oasis of acceptance and appreciation. For everyone wanting to be understood, here’s a simple and effective tool to bring insight and closeness to your relationship. This program is scientifically-based, empirically tested, and is featured on 20/20, Oprah, and more. Whether in a new relationship or married for 20 years, this enrichment workshop takes your relationship to the next level! *Workshop and all materials are FREE.

Got Your Back

Take a break from the typical work day for interactive team building and a little self awareness! Activities, games, and animations take the place of traditional PowerPoint based learning, to help you improve your communication skills and increase your understanding on how to build the healthy, successful relationships you want.

Got Your Back promotes mindful choices, tools to reach goals, as well as methods for satisfaction with professional and personal relationships.

Do you have someone in your life who has your back? Do you have someone else’s? Join us to enhance your happiness and put your goals within reach! Each workshop features a sports activity.

workshop and all materials are free.

Relationship Enhancement

Pre-Marital Workshop

If you are engaged and soon to be married, this one day workshop is for you and your soon-to-be spouse. This workshop includes instructions for those who are in the beginning phase of completing necessary military requirements for marriage, as well as some time to work on what goes into a healthy, successful marriage.

Date Nights

Over dinner, an interactive presentation will be given where couples can devote quality time to enhancing their relationship. This is a great way for you and your spouse to connect on a deeper level and take time for your marriage. Offered quarterly.

Building Lasting Relationships

The challenges of a military lifestyle can place many demands on Marines, Sailors and their families. This workshop provides practical information and tools to enhance healthy relationships and educate couples on how to successfully nurture and maintain a positive union.

Developing Healthy Blended Families

Maintaining a harmonious environment can be especially difficult in a blended family construct. This workshop will help military parents gain a better understanding of the common emotional and practical issues facing blended families and will provide them with information on what they can do to help promote family unity.

PREP (Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program)

A one-day marriage enrichment workshop that helps couples reduce risk factors and raise protective factors in their marriage while developing emotional support, security and commitment. Topics discussed include communication danger signs, forgiveness, events, hidden issues and good communication.

CREDO Marriage Enrichment Workshop

This workshop is designed for couples who want to improve their communication skills, proficiently solve problems together and preserve their commitment and friendship to one another.

Reintegration – Strong Marine Couples

This educational workshop addresses the effect of reintegration on a relationship, allows couples to assess the level of relationship satisfaction, and provides communication tools and resources for couples to use to strengthen their relationship.

Unit Personal & Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) Training

Command Team Training

Guides command team members in their roles, responsibilities, and operating components of their family readiness program.

Command Team Advisor, Family Readiness Assistant Training

This training is mandatory if you are going to serve as a Command Team Advisor or Family Readiness Assistant. Under the guidance of the FRO, Command Team Advisors and Family Readiness Assistants assist with the family readiness program in a variety of ways.

PII, OPSEC Workshop

This workshop teaches you what PII is, how to successfully secure it, and how to maintain operational security. This training is a requirement in order to serve on your unit’s Command Team.

Commanding Officer Spouses & Senior Enlisted Spouses Training

Orients and guides CO, SgtMaj, and other Senior Enlisted Marine Spouses in their inspirational roles within the Family Readiness Program. Spouses will receive useful information intended for daily use, as well as developing their strengths and talents to bring beneficial participation to the Family Readiness Program.

FRO Training

Required training for all Family Readiness Officers to explore his/her role in the Family Readiness Program and learn how to execute their responsibilities while upholding the tenants of the UPFRP.

Volunteer Management

This training is designed for those with Volunteer Management responsibilities, to include recruitment, retention and rewarding volunteers. It explores how to use volunteers in the planning, coordinating, and executing of unit morale events in support of the unit Commander’s UPFRP vision.

Passport to Volunteering

This training will give volunteers the tools necessary to have a successful and fulfilling volunteer career. Volunteers will be shown how to lend their time and talents to make their volunteering experience positive and rewarding.