Family Readiness Officers (FROs)

Know Your FRO!

Family Readiness Officers, a.k.a. FROs, provide direction and information to the Marines, Sailors and families. They provide official communication and outreach in addition to coordinating events and deployment support.

Family Readiness Council

The Family Readiness Council is established to address and implement the MCAS Iwakuni Commanders’ family readiness program needs. The Council provides an outlet for users and providers charged with executing family readiness programs a venue to offer recommendations and an opportunity to present challenges that may be addressed or alleviated by local MCCS policies or actions. This is a forum for the sharing of ideas and a venue to disseminate family readiness related policy updates and upcoming program and/event information.

The Council meets quarterly at Yujo Hall and is comprised of MCAS Iwakuni Station leadership, Unit Command Teams, MCCS leadership and MCFTB. The public is encouraged to attend all Council meetings. Minutes of all Council meetings are available to the public.