Volunteer Opportunities

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There are ample opportunities to volunteer your time and skills while stationed in Iwakuni. Volunteering benefits both you and the community. While you add skills to your resume, or get your “foot in the door” with a new organization, you are also contributing to making MCAS Iwakuni the wonderful community that it is. Volunteers are what “make” our community, and they also make it better.

Passport to Volunteering Workshops

MCAS Iwakuni volunteers are invited to this free seminar that gives participants the necessary tools to have a successful and fulfilling volunteer career. Learn about the impact of your volunteering, effective communication skills as a volunteer, how to manage your volunteer career, tracking and maintaining your personal volunteer records and tips for using volunteer time to pursue paid professional opportunities.

presidential volunteer service awards

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If you need further assistance with volunteer placement or have questions about volunteering, contact us any time!