IHA • MLC • JMSDF Approved Facilities

IHA MLC JMSDF approved facilities

approved facilities

Semper Fit

  • IronWorks Main
  • IronWorks North
  • IronWorks Atago
  • Indoor & Outdoor Pools
  • Youth Sports
  • Outdoor Rec/Gear Issue

  • Strike Zone
  • Club Iwakuni
  • Crossroads
  • Torii Pines Cafe
  • TLF
  • Sakura Theater
  • SNCO/E/Officer Club
Retail & Services

  • IT&T
  • MCX *
  • Main Marine Mart *
  • North Marine Mart *
  • Atago Marine Mart *
  • Barking Lot
Marine & Family

  • Library
  • Education Office
*Authorized Items

Single serving size only for consumption on the installation during the normal work day. No more than three food items and three beverage items may be purchased per visit. There is a $15 limit on all purchases regardless of the number of items purchased.

a. Non-alcoholic beverages
b. Frozen food (ice cream, pizza, microwavable meals, etc.)
c. Chilled food (salads, fruits, sandwiches, etc.)
d. Microwavable food (soup, chili, noodles, rice, etc.)
e. Snack bar food items
f. Cookies/Crackers

g. Candy/Nuts
h. Cereal
i. Chips
j. Tuna 
k. Meat snacks (beef jerky, beef sticks, etc.)
l. Prepared foods (Tornadoes, burritos, hot dogs, etc.).