LifeSkills For Servicemembers: The Hybrid Approach to Better Leadership thru Better Communication


lifeskills for servicemembers:

The Hybrid Approach to Better Leadership thru Better Communication
The MCAS Iwakuni community possesses an innate ability to improvise and overcome. We’re in a location that doesn’t offer a lot of support outside the confines of the gates and our community strength pulls us together in many ways.
One such way is through the newly minted LifeSkills for Servicemembers, organized by Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB). The curriculum provides an array of topics designed to meet the unique challenges faced by junior servicemembers stationed in a remote and isolated location. MCAS Iwakuni is the only installation in the Marine Corps that has this hybrid program and our ability to adapt to the mixed services on station speaks to this.
“The workshop itself is unique to MCAS Iwakuni. It originated through a request from local commands.”
Angela Gerrits, MCFTB Trainer, MCCS Iwakuni

Station subject matter experts speak about the resources available on station, goal creation and setting, and personal journeys to leadership. The non-typical briefs in the LifeSkills for Servicemembers curriculum are focused on both personal and professional relationships.

These briefs are not the typical brief in which Marines and Sailors are familiar. They are real-world scenario-based, helping put general rules and recommendations into scenarios that servicemembers can identify with.

The MCFTB LifeSkills Education program consists of a wide ranging curricula designed to provide tools to better meet the challenges faced by servicemembers and their families. These activities support unit and individual readiness by providing education on how to better understanding one’s own personality, how to manage stress and anger, identify healthy outlets and overall how to communicate with others for a better outcome.