MCCS In-Depth: The JD’s Grille Menu Refresh

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the jd's grille menu refresh

Aaron Pylinski | Community Writer

I was in the service with this guy who used to say, “You gotta eat to grow.” We would usually rally back at his place sometime around 3 AM after a long night of fun. He would fire up the grill, burn an 8 oz. ribeye and shove it in my face. Luckily, we have places to go on station to get quality food if we need it, maybe not at 3 AM, but our food options are steadily growing.

There’s been plenty of exciting changes with our food concepts. Earlier this year we opened the long awaited Chili’s on station. The Pizza Hut at the Strike Zone recently started operating and we opened our very own burrito restaurant, Bueno Burrito. To add to the list of exciting changes, we’re refreshing our menu at JD’s Grille at Club Iwakuni.

“This menu update is way overdue. It’s time for a JD’s refresh.”
Mark Neely, MCCS Iwakuni Chief of Business

It’s because of customer feedback and a growing need to spice things up that we’re rolling out the new menu. We like the idea of keeping our community happy and a good bit of that comes by way of a delicious variety of food options on station. We also want to make sure we’re complimenting the already available options.

So, what’s new and what’s not? The breakfast items on the menu will remain the same. The great news is, we’re changing up the entire lunch and dinner menu and making JD’s a place to find great variety and affordable prices.

To give you a taste of what to expect, we’re adding signature burgers and pizzas. These selections also have the option to “create your own.” Our executive chef and his team are making strides to provide better options for the community in this respect. These pizzas and burgers have unique ingredients which will bring that “back home” feeling to our faraway locale.

We’re also adding a home cooked feel to the menu. Items like southern fried chicken and meatloaf are the perfect staples to make it seem as though we’re home having dinner with the folks. This is just a taste of what’s to come. Our appetizers and other entrees are getting a full makeover, too but you’ll have to come out and see for yourself what all we are offering up.

We are implementing the new menu as ingredients come in. Expect a full rollout in the fall. This is due in part because of the logistical pipeline we have when it comes to getting food and beverage ingredients here from the states. If you missed our July Preview, be sure to pick up a copy and check out the infographic that outlines our ordering, shipping, and receiving timelines.

Ultimately, this change is for the community. As you submit your suggestions to us, we take the time to listen, plan, and ultimately execute. We hope you are as excited as we are about this menu refresh and as we continue to grow as a community, we’ll provide more options for you down the road. Bon appetit!