MCCS HR Classes Open to the Community

MCCS HR Classes Open to the Community

Check out some of the classes MCCS now has to offer for the community!

Reading By Design

Libraries across the United States conduct summer reading programs as a way to encourage reading during the season.

Tanabata 七タ- The Star Festival

The Tanbata festival, an event related to the stars.

Catch the Magic with Camp Adventure!

Looking for a fun-filled way for your child to spend the summer? MCCS has something for everyone!

“How To” Apply at MCCS

A quick video "How to" apply at MCCS.

HITT – High Intensity Tactical Training

Make sure to sign-up your unit for HITT training. Be physically ready for anything! HITT - High Intensity Tactical Training

Get out and bike month

Get out and Bike Month

Spring is in the air and what better way to enjoy the beauty of Japan than on the seat of a bicycle!

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

The Military Spouse Appreciation day is a national day of observance to honor the personal sacrifices military spouses undertake, in support of their spouses, their families, and our country.

Car Guy

Owning a Vehicle in Iwakuni

If you just arrived in Iwakuni and are looking at owning a vehicle, MCCS is here to help you through the process!

Spring has come, enjoy the Spring Fish, Yamame!

It is said Japan is a country of longevity because Japanese people eat a lot of fish. If you are not much of a fish eater, you may come to like fish while you are in Japan.

5 Daily Exercises to Help You Stay Fit

With May being National Physical Fitness Month, now is the perfect time to highlight a few exercises to perform daily to keep you in shape.

Are You Ready Article

Are you Ready? Through Deployment, TAD, and TDY, MCFTB has what you need to stay ready, always.

Marine Corps Family Team Building, among other resources on base, is here to help you and yours through every step of any deployment.