Military Saves Week 2018

Military saves Week

military saves week

Aaron Pylinski | Community Writer

Mission readiness is critical at MCAS Iwakuni. Of the laundry list of tasks to accomplish before a tour or a cruise, servicemembers must be up to date on shots, dental, legal, and of course, financial. Unwanted stresses due to money issues are harmful to operational readiness, morale, and retention. To assist in mitigating these stresses, Personal & Professional Development (P&PD) in a joint effort with the DoD Military Saves Campaign put together Military Saves Week from February 26 to March 3 .

Military Saves Week is an annual opportunity for installations and organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for servicemembers and their families to assess their own saving. According to the Military Saves 2017 Annual Report, 43% of the military families reported they have no funds in savings for emergencies. Furthermore, 45% of families who participated in the 2017 Military Saver Survey reported unexpected savings as a top challenge. These issues can be avoided if the proper spending and saving habits are followed.

Good saving habits include creating a budget, setting financial goals, and having savings that is contributed to regularly and realistically. If you start saving now, you’ll have better options for saving in the future. Saving is not unlike anything else with a great outcome, it requires discipline and a little hard work. Just because something you see at the MCX is on sale, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy it. Instead, take that money and invest it in your future.

Understanding your money personality can can help with setting realistic long-term financial success. Whether you are carefree or giving, there are options available to create a pathway to sound spending and saving habits.

Upon proper request, P&PD offers one-on-one financial classes for those interested. Along with Marine & Family Programs, P&PD provides 33 different financial education classes and workshops that are available throughout the year. To get assistance setting goals or to set up financial assistance classes, all you need to do is reach out to P&PD.

For an appointment with a P&PD certified financial planner or an accredited financial counselor, call 080-3479-6846 or DSN: 253-6439.

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