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Aaron Pylinski | Community Writer

Outdoor activities are a bridge between the U.S. and Japanese communities. This bond between our two cultures through sports and other forms of recreation allows us to strengthen the partnership with our Japanese hosts. Outdoor Rec offers everything from camping gear to paddleboard classes at little or no cost to everyone on the installation.

This summer, Outdoor Rec provided three trips to summit Mount Fuji, and it is said that if you don't summit Fuji while stationed aboard MCAS lwakuni, you're destined to come back for a second tour. All three trips filled fast. The Yoshino river rafting trip, sunset paddle on the Nishiki river, and sailing classes were also community winners this summer. However, don't think that just because summer is coming to an end that the activities will slow, too.

Expect numerous skiing and snowboarding trips this winter from December to February. If you're new to the sport, Outdoor Rec offers a beginners snowboard class for $15 that is scheduled in conjunction with their trips. Spend the first part of the day learning how to safely navigate the slopes and the second part of the day you're let loose to shred some powder.

With the growing demand on the installation from our expanding population, our winter gear is looking to not only get an overhaul this year but also some significant additions so there'll be a greater selection of gear. This is due in part to the funds we received from the Quality Recycling Program.

"I think the QRP definitely enhances our ability to provide support to the community and helps us improve their quality of life."
Curtis Brown - Chief of Semper Fit

What is QRP?

On station, the recycling program is a revenue-generating activity. The Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) works with local vendors and vendors from around Japan that buy our recyclables. By taking all of our shredded paper and sorting and removing our recycled waste, the QRP generates annual income that goes directly back into MCAS lwakuni.

An approval process for the funds generated by QRP goes through a committee which allocates to separate entities on station including MCCS. A portion of the funds goes to maintenance for the QRP program. After that, the committee allocates funds for procurement, such as new equipment. Then, 50% of what is left goes to energy conservation projects.

After that, the QRP committee decides on how much goes to the air station under criteria like pollution abatement, composting, alternative fuel vehicle infrastructure support or vehicle conversion, energy conservation, and occupational health and safety.

Once those funds are spoken for, what is left is voted on for potential MCCS initiatives. This year, the funds available went to Outdoor Rec.

With the QRP funds from selling our recyclables new snowboards, skis, boots, helmets, and parkas will replace or add to the gear currently available. Also, Outdoor Rec will add new camping gear including tents, tables, chairs, stoves, sleeping mats, and cookware. These purchases wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the QRP.

A growing population and demand can bring the possibilities of logjams at the gear issuing facility. Our Outdoor Rec gear is available free of charge for up to three days.

That said, the staff recommends if you want to rent snowboard or ski gear this winter for the weekend, it would be best to be first in line Thursday morning.

Outdoor Recreation gear issue is at Ironworks and their hours of operation are:

Monday - Friday:

Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays:

10 AM - 6 PM

8 AM - 4 PM

Their number is 253-3822/3842. All gear is rented on a first come, first served basis.

If you already have winter gear but need some maintenance, Outdoor Rec offers waxing / tuning (edging) services for $10 each on a walk-in basis, no reservations.

Unfortunately, not every dollar from the QRP goes to maintaining our Outdoor Rec stock, we now have to charge for use of select equipment. Recently, MCCS lwakuni was notified of a reduction in appropriated funding support. Because of this reduction, decisions were made to make select changes to hours of operation and pricing at several locations.

All changes were assessed with the intent of minimizing impact to the community. As an organization, we are constantly looking for ways that we can better serve you with available resources.


FREE Rental Equipment

Fishing Pole
Volleyball Set
Flag Football Set
Tug of War Rope
Horseshoe Set

Outdoor Rec Pricing

Inflatable Bouncy House $50
Bean Bag Game $15
Canopy Tent $20
Folding Chairs $1
Small Grill $12
Large Grill $30
10-Gallon Water Cooler $3 
150-Quart Water Cooler $3
Inflatable Ball $5
Santa Suits $25
Sumo Suits $25/set
Tables $2
Tarps $1


Why not get out this winter and try something new? If you're new to the area or just need some extra gear to camp with the family, head over to Outdoor Rec and get started making happy memories of your time exploring Japan.