Concerning COVID, things are looking up!

The amount of daily cases back home steadily goes down, the vaccination is reaching all over the world, and the weather is getting nicer!

And with the weather getting nicer, and more events becoming available it’s time to think about getting ready for the summer months.

Semper Fit has a lot to offer. With Group Fitness back into full swing and Mini Bootcamps and workout classes becoming available, sign up and get fit! To get a better idea of what Group Fitness has to offer each month, please visit to see the monthly Group Fitness Schedule.

Cultural Adaptation and Outdoor Recreation are also back into offering several options for things to do off base. From Archery trips, to a Bike trip in Shimanami, to learning how to shop in a Japanese Grocery Store, there is something for everyone.

Please take a look at the event calendar at to see what is out there for you to enjoy. Please follow links to Eventbrite to sign up (as necessary). There are free and paid events.

And of course there is everybody’s favorite. Want to know what’s playing at the Sakura Theater this week? Please visit to see the lineup.

As the COVID cases continue to decrease, please stay cautious and careful. We have been making great progress towards getting back to “normal”, but only by continuing to be vigilant and mindful may we continue to avoid clusters.