Sakura Theater, the Best in the Corps

sakura theater, best in the corps

Aaron Pylinski | Community Writer
The Sakura Theater is the best performing theater in the Marine Corps. That's due largely to our community and how they support us. When we premiere big name movies like Avengers: Infinity War or Deadpool 2, our turnout is second to none. Our prices are second to none too.

Ticket prices were recently increased. A couple of weeks ago MCCS Iwakuni was notified of a reduction in appropriated funding support. Because of this reduction, decisions were made to adjust select hours of operation and pricing at several locations. All changes were assessed with the intent of minimizing impact to the community. As an organization, we are constantly looking for ways that we can better serve you with available resources.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to entertaining you for years to come!

Annual Profits & Cost

Income (This is How Much Is Coming In)

Snack Bar Sales $399,000
Ticket Sales $266,000
APF Reimbursement* $40,500
Facility Fees & Charges $35,000

Total: $740,500
*Payment not guaranteed

Expenses (This is How Much It Costs To Run The Theater)

Payroll $245,000
Motion Picture $202,000
Other Expenses $120,100
Cost of Goods $99,750

Total: $666,850

Examples of Upkeep Costs

Snack Bar & Equipment Replacement: $75,000
Theater Stage Floor Sanding & Sealing: $8,500
Digital Surround Speaker Replacement: $25,000
Chair Reupholster: $203/Chair

Total Net Profit: $73,650

Price Comparisons

Sakura Theater

Adult Regular: $5 / 3D: $6

Children Regular: $3.50 / 3D: $5

Ages 5 & Younger: FREE

109 Cinemas Hiroshima

Adult: Regular: ¥1,800 / 3D: ¥2,200

College Student: Regular: ¥1,500 / 3D: ¥1,900

Ages 3 & Up: Regular: ¥1,000 / 3D: ¥1,400

Showplace ICON Chicago

Adult: Regular: $10 / VIP: $17.50

Ages 7-12: Regular: $8

Senior: Regular: $8